Thursday, December 21, 2006

5 Super Sense!

Yes, that's right my lovelies, this blog fest is all about the senses!! For todays list, we want how you satisfy each of your different senses during the holiday season. Interestly obsure, fascinatingly useless...I can't wait to read what you write.

*1...TASTE - Christmas dinner is the tastiest thing ever. Gravy makes my world turn round, and leftovers make it the meal that just keeps giving.

*2...SMELL - Open fires! so cosy and lovely. Here's DBs family cat, Miskina, snoozing by their fireplace.

*3...HEARING - Christmas carols. I am a sucker for a good, old-fashioned hymn and I'm not even Christian.

*4...SIGHT - Fairy lights make me so happy, and they're cheap. I am also very partial to some people watching from the Starbucks window outside college, mulling over a nice gingerbread latte!

*5...TOUCH - Well, this ones easy. My DBs arms! I'll be there super soon...and some nice, new yarn. Can't beat some lovely, soft yarn.

Well, there it is friends. I am off to pack, make merry with my friends and finish a few outstanding things for school (will it ever end??). Can't wait to read what you guys write. Have fun!


Em said...

Good one Knatty! I was a wee bit late in answering- thismorningcoughcough- but that was an excellent question! I particularly agree with your Hearing- Christmas carols are the best. And what a sweet cat.
When do you leave for home? Soon surely. We hope to read posts from Ireland. I'm betting I'll feel international just looking at them.
Thanks so much for FOB #5! If you want another lemme know!
Good travels and good luck with your needles (that just sounds bizarre doesn't it?)!

meg said...

great list, parisa!

i love carols, the dinner we have, and the smell of fire, too! oh and the lights, of course!

have a safe trip. you may already be gone for all i know. post while you're there and take some pics for us.

Brooke said...

Have a safe and fun trip! I'll be answering #5 when #4 is up, because I had to dedicate today's to Yule :)

I can't wait to see pics from your trip!


Brooke said...

Happy Holidays Parisa!! Hope you are having a marvelous time on the Island!!


a gragg girl said...

Yay, thank you so much for my package. I loved it. I've had food poisoning this week so am late in my thanks and posting. Will post soon. But, I am thrilled!!! You are the best