Thursday, August 02, 2007

Life on the edge of insanity

I am run ragged folks! I am absolutely beside myself! And then sometimes I actually find myself thinking "well, I had time enough to fit in that epidode of CSI this evening, so I mustn't be all *that* busy" but you know what, I AM! My brain is just gosh darn wrong when it thinks thoughts like that and it is very frustrating. One hour TV time, after a day of class, work, studio recording, phonecalls, homework, eating (somehow that always ends up quite far down the list) and maybe getting in the sun for a few minutes in order to retain sanity levels and do a little knitting...with all that considered I think that I am lucky to still be functioning. My mantra is '2 weeks to go and then I am free'...say it with me...'2 weeks to go and then I am free'...

On the plus side, sock one of baudelaire is officially finished and the heel has been turned on the second so it is straight sailing all the way home with them. Caught myself wishing for a cold night, just so I would have a legitimate excuse to wear them. No luck here though, the sun is absolutely splitting the pavements in Boston. The nights are a little hard to sleep through, but I am a sucker for the heat during the day...really enjoying it. Pity though all the rest of my knitting projects are not going as speedily as baudelaire. The shrug I had hoped to finish ages ago...actually I think I have run out of yarn, need to make a quick trip to the LYS and sort that out pronto, because it is so close to being done, would be a shame now to let it sit. I have also been having problems with the crocheted halter I made, don't feel very secure in it when it's on. Think I need to go back and put on more closures at the back, but I am not a very good sewer anymore. In fact I have 2 beautiful bags (the granny squares crocheted one and the unicorn knitted bag) which I would love to be using right now, but both need lining and I have no idea where to even begin to do that. Darn!

In other news, I went a bit nuts last week and ordered a pile of things from etsy for myself. I was lonely and I think I was trying to comfort myself with jewellery and one-of-a-kind things. When they arrive I will post pics. Can't wait really, girl needs some new earrings for the sun!!