Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kiss this Day

A good friend of mine, Jillian, has just started her very own blog, based on the concept of daily gratitude. You can find a link for it here or on my side bar. Either way I really recommend having a read of the thought-provoking, spirit-warming thought Jillian has to share. Well done love, it is a wonderful thing you are doing :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary My Love

It is DBs and mine 5-year anniversary today. That's right, FIVE YEARS!! I can hardly believe it myself but it has been some truely interesting, magical, crazy, exciting, love-filled years and I look forward to all the others to come. Thank you Kolya, for being my best friend in the world and I hope you like your present.

For Kolya

I am but a splitting of the light
Prisms cannot hold me
But show me for the fragment that I am

Pretending to be sewn up just right
But thread cannot hold lightbeams
And I am but a splitting of the light

I am not a whole that can be palmed
Senses cannot fuse me
But show me for the fragment that I am

But you have sharper senses than touch or sight
That feel beyond this shard of glass
To the splitting of the light

You can fill the cracks that flaw my calm
Hold my broken sum
Hide within you the fragment that I am

Will you hold my secret safe, day and night?
Where prisms fail, I know you will do right
I am but a splitting of the light
But you can love the fragment that I am.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Finding the Groove...

Wow, not only have I *finally* found the time to write a blog, but I also have finished items to talk about in it...WooHOO!! This is the halter top from Stitch n' Bitch: The Happy Hooker. It still needs blocked and I think I will need a new bra..oh gravity and cotton tops, heehee!

Also on display this evening is the lovely 'Wisp' from Knitty. I actually got it finished in time for the wedding and it did wear it on the day, to lots of lovely compliments. The mohair needs a few more wears and washes before it is really soft and wearable but I really love it and the buttons are cool. I have a new thing about buttons...the latest Pari craze!

Here are the things I do when I do have free time...I know, I am nuts. I could be sleeping but no, I am putting gems on my nails. Girl needs help! Was fun tho.

Here are the latest buttons I have got my grubby little paws on. I ordered them from an ebay seller, Obsidian Kitten, who was an absolute pleasure to do business with and sent lovely little business cards and postcards with my little purchase. It is nice to feel pampered and looked after, even if you are only spending a few dollars at that store.

And lastly, my current project (though to be perfectly honest I have been doing very, very little knitting, crochet or anything) are the Baudelaire socks, also from Knitty. I made them a little too long for myself, but love them so much I really don't want to rip them out and start again. The pointy toe is pretty much empty, no toesin there at all. They were perfect however for the plane trip on the way home and helped keep my sanity while I dealt with the whirl wind of the wedding, being pretty sick myself and my mother being in hospital for an operation. All in all, it has been a really draining time of year and I am so looking forward to the end of the semester.

Only 3 weeks to go and then I am an actual, real, original college graduate. My apologies to everyone that I have been neglecting these last few weeks while I have been trying to kepp my everyday life together (my secret pal, I am going to do a special post just about you and your final parcel, as that is what it deserves, no less!). Lastly, I want to thank my lovely DB for encouraging me to blog again. I have nearly given up on the whole thing, but he gently pushed me back towards the things that make me happy and reminded me how wonderful it is to have this onlline community of friends who appreciate my post and who are eagar to share in my small success :) Thank you Kolya! There will be post just for you too, soon!