Monday, February 26, 2007

A torrent of white
noise affiliates,
Pressing their sound
firmly against my
Feel the pressure while
they silently float

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shades of Blue Comparison Chart...

Yup, it is super nerdy but I was doing a little research for Project Spectrum and wanted to learn some factual things about the colour blue. White is the mixing of all the colours of the spectrum and definitely something I want to look into further, as well as grey, but blue is a colour I have often steered clear of, a colour I always considered unflattering on me (which it is, unless has greens in it...yummmmm, teal!) But recently I have been more drawn to it and am even knitting a navy/dark blue shrug for myself. So, thanks to the wonder of Wikipedia, here is a colour comparison chart, with exact names. I also learned that the scientific contrast colour for blue (based on the light frequencies the colours give off) is yellow, while in art it is considered orange. Now those combinations I love! Orange and a really turquoise or teal blue...aahhhhh!

Shades of Blue Colour Comparison Chart (my first ever, successful link!)

  • Azure Mist (web color "Azure") (Hex: #F0FFFF) (RGB: 240, 255, 255)

  • Alice Blue (web color) (Hex: #F0F8FF) (RGB: 240, 248, 255)

  • Baby Blue (Hex: #E0FFFF) (RGB: 111, 255, 255)

  • Lavendula (Vietnamese [[Lavender (color)|Lavender]]) (Pale Indigo) (Hex: #E6E6FA) (RGB: 230, 230, 250)

  • [[Periwinkle (color)|Periwinkle]] (Lavender Blue) (Pastel Indigo) (Hex: #CCCCFF) (RGB: 204, 204, 255)

  • Powder Blue (web color) (Hex: #B0E0E6) (RGB: 176, 224, 230)

  • Light Blue (Hex: #ADD8E6) (RGB: 173, 216, 230)

  • Ultra Blue (Blizzard Blue) (Crayola) (Hex: #A3E3ED) (RGB: 163, 227, 237)

  • Light Cornflower Blue (Crayola Cornflower) (Hex: #93CCEA) (RGB: 147, 204, 234)

  • Light Sky Blue (web color) (Hex: #87CEFA) (RGB: 135, 296, 250)

  • Sky Blue (web color) (Hex: #87CEEB) (RGB: 135, 206, 235)

  • Medium Sky Blue (Crayola Sky Blue) (Hex: #76D7EA) (RGB: 118, 215, 234)

  • Aquamarine Blue (Crayola Aquamarine) (Hex: #71D9E2) (RGB: 113, 217, 226)

  • Turquoise Blue (web color Deep Sky Blue) (Hex: #00BFFF) (RGB: 0, 191, 255)

  • Ukrainian Azure (Color of Ukrainian Flag) (Hex: #42ADDE) (RGB: 66, 173, 222)

  • United Nations Azure (Hex: #5B92E5) (RGB: 91, 146, 229)

  • Cornflower Blue (web color) (Hex: #6495ED) (RGB: 100, 149, 237)

  • Bright Cerulean (Crayola Cerulean) (Hex: #02A4D3) (RGB: 2, 164, 211)

  • Bondi Blue (Crayola Blue-Green) (Hex: #0095B6) (RGB: 0, 149, 182)

  • Cerulean (Hex: #007BA7) (RGB: 0, 123, 167)

  • Steel Blue (web color)(Hex: #4682B4) (RGB: 70, 130, 180)

  • Agate Blue (Hex: #44719B) (RGB: 68, 113, 155)

  • Indigo Dye (Hex: #1A5798) (RGB: 17, 80, 147)

  • Bright Indigo (Crayola Indigo) (Hex: #4F69C6) (RGB: 79, 105, 198)

  • Medium Slate Blue (web color) (Hex: #7B68EE) (RGB: 123, 104, 138)

  • Dodger Blue (web color)(Hex: #1E90FF) (RGB: 30, 144, 255)

  • Azure (Hex: #007FFF) (RGB: 0, 127, 255)

  • Deep Azure (Crayola Blue) (Hex: #0066FF) (RGB: 0, 102, 255)

  • Royal Blue (web color) (Hex: #4169E1) (RGB: 65, 105, 225)

  • BLUE (Hex: #0000FF) (RGB: 0, 0, 255)

  • Denim (Same as Crayola Denim) (Hex: #1560BD) (RGB: 21, 96, 189)

  • Cerulean Blue (Hex: #2A52BE) (RGB: 42, 82, 190)

  • Medium Navy Blue (Crayola Navy Blue) (Hex: #0066CC) (RGB: 0, 102, 204)

  • Medium Persian Blue (Hex: #0067A5) (RGB: 0, 103, 165)

  • Swedish Azure (Color of Swedish flag) (Hex: #005B99) (RGB: 0, 91, 153)

  • Cobalt Blue (Hex: #0047AB) (RGB: 0, 71, 171)

  • Persian Blue (Hex: #1C39BB) (RGB: 28, 57, 187)

  • Medium Blue (web color) (Hex: #0000CD) (RGB: 0, 0, 205)

  • Dark Blue (web color) (Hex: #0000CB) (RGB: 0, 0, 200)

  • Indigo (Electric Indigo) (Hex: #6600FF) (RGB: 102, 0, 255)

  • Deep Lavender (web color Medium Purple) (Hex: #9370DB) (RGB: 147, 112, 219)

  • Lavender (Hex: #B57EDC) (RGB: 181, 126, 220)

  • Deep Indigo (web color Blue-Violet) (Hex: #8A2BE2) (RGB: 138, 43, 226)

  • Pigment Indigo (web color Indigo) (Hex: #4B0082) (RGB: 75, 0, 130)

  • Persian Indigo (Hex: #32127A) (RGB: 50, 18, 122)

  • Dark Azure (Pantone Blue #286) (Hex: #0038A8) (RGB: 0, 56, 186)
  • International Klein Blue (Hex: #002FA7) (RGB: 0, 47, 167)

  • Dark Powder Blue (Smalt) (Hex: #003399) (RGB: 0, 51, 153)

  • Ultramarine (Hex: #120A8F) (RGB: 18, 10, 143)

  • Navy Blue (web color) (Hex: #000080) (RGB: 0, 0, 128)

  • Sapphire (Hex: #082567) (RGB: 8, 37, 103)

  • Midnight Blue (web color) (Hex: #191970) (RGB: 25, 25, 112)

  • Dark Midnight Blue (Crayola Midnight Blue) (Hex: #003366) (RGB: 0, 51, 102)

  • Prussian Blue (Berlin Blue) (Hex: #003153) (RGB: 0, 49, 83)

  • Dark Indigo (Hex: #310062) (RGB: 49, 0, 98)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Project Spectrum 2.0

I was being very unproductive this evening, after having skipped all my classes today and only going to work because I won't be able to make rent 'til another pay cheque comes through, when I stumbled upon this fascinating project. There I was listening to The Garden State soundtrack, being melancholy (as you do when your DB has just left) and waiting for him to phone and say he arrived home safely (which he did!), and the universe (knowing I needed inspiration and a creative jolt) lead me to this loveliness. It is called Project Spectrum and is basically an creative exploration of the colours of the spectrum, with different colours being explored every two months. It looked such an interesting way to explore colour, not only in my knitting and crafts, but just in my everyday life, that I couldn't help but sign up. I am really excited to look more intently at my world and connect to colour on this more conscious level.

And the colours for February and March are BLUE, WHITE and GREY. Very exciting and interestingly enough, colours that I had been attracted to recently. Very wintery and certainly an applicable palette for Boston right now. So here is my first study in blue, white and grey, photos taken from my iphoto file, just whatever I had on hand that fit the bill and tickled my fancy. Included are photos from the Boston Aquarium, the Irish coast, home (the Persian carpet is handmade from Iran, in my parents house) and artwork. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Last Supper

It is DBs last night here and we are about to tuck into our last dinner together for awhile. I always find the last night together really hard, not in an emotional way, but I get moody and screw things up by being touchy or sulking or something very silly like that. But not tonight! We decided to not go out like we usually do, but relax, stay in, order nice Thai food and watch films. Bliss!! Oh dear, why does life have to be this way and why does my brain have to be all screwy and want to do stupid things like homework, reading or songwriting on the last chance I'll get to hang out with my best friend for a good while? Hmmm, something's going on there I think...

Friday, February 16, 2007

St. Valentine's Day

I am not one for Valentine's Day and neither, thankfully is Kolya, though he is always really sweet and would take me out for a meal. This year due to the horrendous weather in Boston that day we decide to stay in and watch 'The Devil Wears Prada' which he got me as a gift. He also suprised me with a big bunch of lilies. He normally goes for roses on this one particular day, but lilies are my flowers (the pic I have in my blogger profile is a sketch done by my mother called 'Parisa's Lilies' and are of a birthday bunch I got many moons ago). They are in my bedroom right now and are slowly opening. I love it when they are still closed and I get to watch them open as the days pass. They smell gorgeous too, welcoming me home after a day at school. The gift that keeps giving! Well I just wanted to say a big thank you to my wonderful DB and the universe/big-(wo)man-upstairs/karma for allowing someone like him in my life. He makes me so happy! (I'm taking him for a steak dinner tomorrow night!)

And that, my friends, is the mushiest you will EVER hear me be, so enjoy it while you can ;)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A week of knitting in pictures...

...have been doing lots and lots this past week. School has been hectic, planning for Spring break already. Going to Nashville with school to see the industry there, very excited but had to queue at 6am for a spot on the bus going down. Had crazy recording session from 2am-6am...totally didn't make it to morning classes that day :) but had a great time and got lots of work done. DB arrived in on Sunday and brought me so many lovely things from home, including piles of wool I had left behind and tea (YEAY for Irish tea!! my fav!!) and sweeties (candy) from home. He also brought over a gift from my Ma, she made me a pair of turquoise wristwarmers that she crocheted herself and a little hadbag that she bought me to match. Just too lovely, thank you so much Mam and DB!! Having such a good time with him.

Finally got all those lovely things I had ordered for myself. The Classic Knits book arrived and I promptly started a pair of gloves from it that I am making for the Harry Potter KAL that my friend Em is running. They are made with the Yule yarn, dyed by our one and only Brooke, and well made while watching 'The Goblet of Fire' on DVD. I made the right hand that night and am now started the left one. They're called 'Yule Ball' gloves, especially for the Yule Ball in Book 4, to keep ones hands warm on the way to the Great Hall. Snuggly warm, without being bulky...functional chic!

I have also started making this shrug from the Classic Knits book, with yarn I bought from AJ at (I know, I should be making links, but so time I promise!) She was having a little stash clean-out and was getting rid of some lovely Debbie Bliss Cathay that I snapped up and am now using on this pattern. Very excited!

THEN yesterday arrive the olive green cotton I ordered from Hershnners (bless their sales!) and have decided that it will do lovely in making this wee summer top from the cover of 'Vintage Knits' that Santa/Ma gave me for Christmas. It took every ounce of my will power not to cast-on however as I already have so much on the needles already. Pace yourself, Pari!

And lastly, I finished the first of my pair of wristwarmers and juuuuust love it. Can't wait to finish the last one and then I can wear them proudly round town. Still can't belive that I came up with this pattern myself. I am more than a little proud...oops, hope that doesn't mean I am due a fall soon. Eck!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Secret Pal 9

I'm being so forgetful...I also wanted to thank my amazing Secret Pal, Lisa, for her kindness throughout the swap. She treated me royally and was the most fun to keep in touch with. Thank you so much Lisa. Please find a link to her blog in my friends list and pop on over for a wee nosey.

Also my spoilee, Christine, can be found in my friends list too and was a pleasure to get to know over the last few months. Braving the few technical difficulties we had she was amazingly understanding during my trying semester and was a pleasure to spoil.

Two lovely new friends!! :)

And now the big do Secret Pal 10 or not?!?!

Superbowl Extraordinaire

What a fun day. Spent it at my friends house, eating loads and watching the superbowl, my second one ever. Unfortunately the Bears lost (I have family in Chicago and the Colts put the Patriots out, who would be local team) but it was a phenomenal event and the halftime show was specatular! Seeing Prince perform was amazing! I'm not the hugest Prince fan but that man can my a guitar sing and is one of the best songwriters EVER ('Nothing Compares 2U' as sang by Sinead O'Connor...nuff said!) Word on tbe Berklee Beach (its the stretch of pavement outside our lame, campusless college!) is that Prince will be giving this semesters graduation speech and Stevie Wonder will be performing. Please, let it be so, 'cause I graduate this May and that would just be amazing. Berklee are known for getting real names to their graduations (Aretha Franklin was there last year and Paul Simon played at the 50th anniversary concert). Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

I was a naughty girl on Friday night and after a very trying week, in which my teachers told me bare-faced lies about requirements for graduating (they told me I had to stay a whole extra semester, I told them where to go) I did a little online retail therapy with my non-existence money to cheer me up. I ordered a copy of the book 'Classic Knits' by Erica Knight and am so excited to try out the patterns, they are definitely 'classic' and what I have always wanted, perfect v-neck sweaters, a military style cardigan, messenger bags and slouchy socks.

Had been eyeing it up in Barnes and Noble, price $20 but found it online for $7.99, hardback and new. Perfect stress relief :) And then obviously to compliment the arrival of new patterns I had to splurge on some yarn, but it was also on sale and was only $2 a skein for this gorgeous olive coloured cotton. Will post pics when it all arrives. I'm very excited about it all as you may have noticed!

Have been knitting myself some wrist warmers with the beautiful yarn my sockret pal sent me many moons ago. I actually had been waiting to find just the right pattern for wrist warmers that I had wantd for so long and finally saw a pair my friend was wearing and decided I liked them and based my pattern off them. It's the first time I have really designed anything myself with out having a basic pattern given to me and I'm really proud of myself. (Not so proud of my ridiculous ball winding skills though, as pictured here. No matter how hard I try to make it neat and not too tight, I always end up making a huge tangly mess with my should see the state of the skein for my mother's socks. The security guy in the airport dug his hands right in it to make sure there was nothing inside the ball and I haven;t been able to untangle it since)

I just love cabling, it reminds me of aran knitting from home and the colours in the yarn make it all look very tasteful. And look at those stitch markers go, proudly purchased from Brooke's etsy shop, they make me feel so decedent and special when I'm knitting. I also had loads of fun making calimetry the yarn my secretpal sent me, the lovely purple/pink colour way. It is so warm, I wear it constantly at the moment and couldn't survive the cold weather and my unruly hair without it.

I put some little flowers on the front of it and a big button on the back...please excuse the blurry behind photo, hard stuff getting a pic from behind. It was such fun to knit and I have already made another one for my flatmate. A definite favourite.

All in all, I have been having lots of knitting fun and am feeling very spoiled with all my new knits. Isn't amazing how you can make yourself feel so special by creating something for yourself? It often isn't particularly fancy or expensive and when I do it, nearly always has mistakes in it, but it really shows care for yourself. It sounds selfish but it makes me feel good, like I deserve a little something for myself. I love gifting things as well so much, but after the holiday season I am so looking forward to my little parcels arriving and knitting up a snuggly something-or-other just for me :) And speaking of snuggly things, DB will be over for a visit in a weeks time!! YEAY, he gets in Sunday and stays for 11 days I think, which I am over the moon about. Right over St. Valentine's day, which is a croc if you ask me, but still such a sweet thing for him to plan to be here for it. I've only been back 2 weeks but it is still so hard waiting for him to be here. Roll on next week!!