Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kiss this Day

A good friend of mine, Jillian, has just started her very own blog, based on the concept of daily gratitude. You can find a link for it here or on my side bar. Either way I really recommend having a read of the thought-provoking, spirit-warming thought Jillian has to share. Well done love, it is a wonderful thing you are doing :)


Brooke said...

I stopped by her blog- that's such an awesome idea- thanks for sharing it with us :)


Em said...

Going to check her blog now- thanks for the link! The more we all do to find appreciation, the better we feel individually and the more we influence the collective mind- at least that's what Ms. Kooky (i.e. Me) thinks!
Glad all is going well! Loved the poem, by the way. You and Kolya strike me as a lovely, lovely duo. And I especially relate to the Fred Flinstone-y, by-the-hair, caveman style love!