Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary My Love

It is DBs and mine 5-year anniversary today. That's right, FIVE YEARS!! I can hardly believe it myself but it has been some truely interesting, magical, crazy, exciting, love-filled years and I look forward to all the others to come. Thank you Kolya, for being my best friend in the world and I hope you like your present.

For Kolya

I am but a splitting of the light
Prisms cannot hold me
But show me for the fragment that I am

Pretending to be sewn up just right
But thread cannot hold lightbeams
And I am but a splitting of the light

I am not a whole that can be palmed
Senses cannot fuse me
But show me for the fragment that I am

But you have sharper senses than touch or sight
That feel beyond this shard of glass
To the splitting of the light

You can fill the cracks that flaw my calm
Hold my broken sum
Hide within you the fragment that I am

Will you hold my secret safe, day and night?
Where prisms fail, I know you will do right
I am but a splitting of the light
But you can love the fragment that I am.


Natalie said...


Brooke said...

Hooray!!! 5 years rocks! A big hug to your DB for pushing you back into bloggerland :) Thanks Koyla! I missed you, but have been reeeeeally busy too- moving my life around. I love the mountains! Come see me!


Ninabeena said...

One: Very congratulations to you an Koyla.
Two: Your poem is beautiful
Three: You package was finally mailed more worrying. I hope you like everything in it.